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Facultatea de Economie si de Administrare a Afacerilor

Str. J.H.Pestalozzi, nr. 16
300115, Timisoara, Romania
Tel.: +40.256.592.588 (ECREB)
       +40.256.592.506 (Secretariat Decanat)
Fax: +40.256.592.500

Accommodation info

Accommodation for participants and invited speakers who present a paper is ensured by the West University of Timisoara, free of charge, in own accommodation spaces. The duration of the accommodation, unless indicated otherwise, is: start day-1 until end day+1.

Participants not presenting papers at the conference and/or participants presenting papers but decide on accommodation on other hotels in the city can use the information below as reference point.

Hotels nearby the conference venue:
NH Hotel****, Strada Pestalozzi 1, 300115, Timisoara;
Euro Hotel***, Strada Pestalozzi 1, 300115, Timisoara;
Hotel Vanilla***, Eroilor de la Tisa, 57, 300553, Timisoara;
Hotel Check Inn***, Str. Miorita 11-13, 300553, Timisoara.

Hotels located in the city centre, at an approximately 25 minutes distance from the conference location:
North Star Continental Resort Timisoara****, Bulevardul Revolutiei 1989 Numarul 5, 300054, Timisoara;
Hotel Timisoara****, 1-3 Marasesti, 300086, Timisoara;
Hotel Central**, Str. Lenau, nr.6, 300029, Timisoara.

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